reading with expressions/emotions
Fri Jun 12, 2015 14:23

I agree, and not only does this make the text "come to life," and be more engaging and connecting with the student, this also helps them understand the text better. A teacher may read something in a sarcastic or ironic tone, and the student will notice and ask for clarification. This is important because we know that students with ASD sometimes struggle with figurative language, expressions, or irony. I also know that when teachers read this lively, students will notice and will begin to read it in such a manner themselves, which would help their comprehension.

  • Preston's Teacher - McKenzi Davis, Fri Jun 12 10:06
    I love the example of this reading because Preston's teacher is reading exactly how we should all read to our students! I know that students will be more engaged when we read this way to them. Even... more
    • reading with expressions/emotions - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 12 14:23
      • "Come to Life" - coxdm, Fri Jun 12 22:30
        I completely agree. I thought it was fun to see Preston get involved in the character and in the story. By giving the characters different voices allows the students more insight to what is happening ... more
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