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teaching to the whole class
Fri Jun 12, 2015 14:36

I agree that these strategies have to be explicitly taught to the whole class, especially once we are nearing the upper grades where these texts are more common. My literacy teacher taught us that this can be done using shared reading (reading the same text with the entire class) for texts that are mandated by the curriculum, and not exactly helpful for developing reading skills. I think its important that teachers model going through these texts, such as, "Oh this is a bolded word, it must be important but I don't know what it means. Let's check the glossary."

  • Reply to Nicholas - brigmanhd, Thu Jun 11 21:11
    I absolutely think that it's imperative to teach text structures to the whole class. There are many typically developing students who struggle with reading. Especially when the transition from... more
    • teaching to the whole class - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 12 14:36
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