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great instruction!
Fri Jun 12, 2015 20:22

That sounds like really great instruction! Did you find that the students had greater attention to words in general?

I found that the more attention I gave to interesting and difficult words in text, the greater my students attention to new words. They were so curious about new vocabulary! This led them to monitor their comprehension more, especially recognizing when they encountered words they did not know or when they encountered words that were interesting. Did you see similar things with your students?

  • Reply to Vocabulary Instruction - Maggie Horne, Thu Jun 11 23:24
    Tavia, you bring up an excellent point. While others have brought up the difficulties in determining whether or not students are struggling with comprehension during silent reading, I would like to... more
    • great instruction! - catheyt, Fri Jun 12 20:22
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