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Sara Pappas
Re: Letterland and ASD
Sat Jun 13, 2015 00:06

Thank you, Jean, for your comment. I was in a classroom that used Letterland for my block 1 but wasn't there long enough to see results, I am also intrigued to get in the classroom and see for myself. Maybe it will just vary student to student. And if it doesn't hopefully there will be other programs that will be more affective for our students in the future!

  • Letterland and ASD - Jean Milton, Fri Jun 12 20:20
    I must say that I have heard more people (parents, teachers, and professors) say they don't like Letterland than I have heard praises. I have not seen or read the effects, but I'm not too thrilled... more
    • Re: Letterland and ASD - Sara Pappas, Sat Jun 13 00:06
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