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Amanda Wallace
Series of Events
Sat Jun 13, 2015 07:02

I also found this strategy really interesting. Ryan seemed to really enjoy it and knew exactly what to do, though it took Kristen a bit longer. She was so excited when she four out they the events were in the correct order. I think this strategy can b used very successfully in the classroom and can help with order of events as well as predictions and inferences.

  • Text Predictions - mckenzi Davis, Fri Jun 12 10:55
    In the Ryan and Kristen video I thought that it was really interesting how the teacher went about helping the students piece together a series of events. Ryan states what he thinks will happen next.... more
    • Yes and No - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 13 20:15
      I too watched this video and while I like the idea of the students scaffolding each other, it seemed to me that Kristen really did not know what was happening and going on. I threw the idea out there ... more
    • Ryan and Kirsten - Allison Powers, Sat Jun 13 16:46
      I thought how they worked together was interesting too. It seemed like Ryan was more naturally outspoken, so in many environments Kirsten would easily fall into the background. The teacher utilized... more
    • RE: Test Predictions - parsonkl, Sat Jun 13 15:27
      I really liked the group work in this activity. I felt like the teamwork helped with comprehension for both Ryan and Kristen. If I were a student, I would have really enjoyed this activity. I feel... more
    • Series of Events - Amanda Wallace, Sat Jun 13 07:02
    • attention to detail - Navila Castro, Fri Jun 12 22:48
      McKenzi I agree with your observation about Ryan and Kristen helping each other, visually separate events, and see how they relate. I watched as Kristen was having trouble placing the strips in... more
      • Question - McKenzi Davis, Sat Jun 13 07:11
        The only issue that I see with that is that to me that's almost the same as reading the pages in order and it would not have the same ending result to get the students to practice predictions and... more
    • Re: Text Predictions - brownrf, Fri Jun 12 18:07
      I think this is an awesome strategy! I feel like sometimes we forget that students not only enjoy working with others but it also can be extremely beneficial. This is a great time to pair students... more
    • predictions in Preston video - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 12 14:38
      There was also an example of text predictions in the video with Preston reading "Captain Underpants." This was a good book to use because it is full of action, and Preston got to be clever in... more
      • Expand on Predictions - coxdm, Fri Jun 12 16:21
        I think it was great that you mentioned asking the question, “What do you think is going to happen next?” I think it is also important to ask students, “Why do you think ___ is going to happen?”... more
    • Great Strategy! - miloshcl, Fri Jun 12 12:04
      I love that lesson structure for several reasons. Ryan and Kristen get to scaffold each other and build off the other's predictions, as you say. They also are interacting and working on social skills ... more
      • Reply to Nicholas - brigmanhd, Fri Jun 12 12:29
        Cassidy, I agree! It's so important to target many skills in one activity! Especially any chance social skills can be incorporated for students with ASD. I also enjoyed the scaffolding that took... more
        • social skills and literacy - koppenhaverd, Fri Jun 12 12:49
          And what better context to work on social skills than a literacy interaction with multiple participants. The day is too short and the needs to great to work on anything in isolation.
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