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Lower Elementary Feedback
Sat Jun 13, 2015 08:06

Glow: Wow! There were many positive things about your lesson plan. Here are a few of that stuck out to me. The lesson is very through and detailed, it's well organized, and the strategies (i.e. priming, to-do list, modeling, etc.) are all supportive and encourage the instructional goal. I really enjoyed this lesson!

Grow: Overall, it's evident that this lesson was well thought out. However, I would consider front loading with background knowledge since your classroom is so diverse. Before the lesson, you could have the students talk about what they know about traveling. By doing this, the other students are learning through their peers experiences.

Well done!

  • Lower Elementary Reading Plan-Module 3 - bennettmc, Fri Jun 12 18:13 Group: Lower Elementary Group Members: Mary Bennett, Marcela Buezo, Tavia Cathey, Erica Phelps, and Navila Castro
    • Lower Elementary Feedback - andersenal, Sat Jun 13 12:11
      Glow: This lesson plan is very detailed and easy to follow for a substitute, which is great! I like that it is in a group setting so that the student with ASD is given the opportunity to discuss and... more
    • Lower Elementary Feedback - brigmanhd, Sat Jun 13 08:06
    • Grow and Glow for Lower Elementary Lesson Plan - Jordan Seagraves, Fri Jun 12 22:39
      Give a Glow: I really liked this lesson plan. I think it will be very successful for a student with ASD. You included things we have learned this week in class such as the check list and the priming... more
    • Re: Lower Elementary Reading Plan-Module 3 - lavertyse, Fri Jun 12 21:02
      Give a glow: I really loved how you included the checklist in this lesson plan. I think it is a good tool to use for this student and will help with time management. All of the choices you gave... more
    • Can't Access - andersenal, Fri Jun 12 19:16
      Hey guys, I cannot open your google doc! It's telling me I need permission to access it..
      • oops! - catheyt, Fri Jun 12 19:49
        I think I fixed it. Let me know if you still can't access it!
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