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Angie Helton
Give a Grow
Sat Jun 13, 2015 09:14

I forgot to add this to my initial reply.

Something that I think would be a great modification for Lindsay, since she is easily distracted is having a higher achieving student, who demonstrates high focus, work with her as a pair during the lesson. This could help her also by hearing the lesson from another point of view. Sometimes hearing a peer describe something works better than hearing the teachers point of view. This will also work on her social skills.

  • RE: Elementary Ed Module 3 Lesson - Angie Helton, Fri Jun 12 18:34
    I love this lesson plan. Your instructions are very easy to follow and your visuals made it very clear to understand. I like that you are going over the life cycle of a caterpillar because there is a ... more
    • Give a Grow - Angie Helton, Sat Jun 13 09:14
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