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Angie Helton
Thank you for clarification
Sat Jun 13, 2015 09:21

Dr. Koppenhaver,
Thank you for clarification on this. I understand the difference now, I think. Maybe if there are two to three words on the page it would be okay to block, but as the text becomes more detailed, the student should be encouraged to read without having to do that. By this time, the student will hopefully have learned the word by recognition/comprehension and would have an easier transition.

  • when to use fingers for reading - koppenhaverd, Fri Jun 12 18:17
    Hey, Angie, Great question. It is reasonable to point to a word or highlight part of a word by blocking other parts with your fingers. At the single word level. It helps kids know what you are... more
    • Thank you for clarification - Angie Helton, Sat Jun 13 09:21
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