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Rachel Caldwell
The Negatives to Grouping
Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:08

I have seen so many classes group by ability, and yes while the highest group usually continues to grow, I have seen the negative effects it can have on the lower groups. In Dr. Koppenhaver's article, it talked about the negatives of grouping and I believe they are important to see again:lower quality instruction, lower self-esteem, negative outlook on reading, less silent reading time, less main idea questions, and less instructional time.

My group talked about the negative effects grouping can be for lower achieving students, and yet it is still a common practice. Do you think it is just because most teachers seee it as easier? And do you think they realize the negative effects it can have?

  • Vary the levels within a group - miloshcl, Thu Jun 11 09:49
    While reading the chapter by Dr. Koppenhaver, I was reinforced in my belief that it is best to never make pairs or groups on the basis of level. It is not helpful to the students to be working with... more
    • The Negatives to Grouping - Rachel Caldwell, Sat Jun 13 12:08
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