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Reciprocal questioning
Sat Jun 13, 2015 13:17

That's so great that you're able to find the readings and videos so relatable. I haven't had any opportunities to work with students with ASD yet, but I'm glad you're able to connect what we're learning here to help your student and I'm looking forward to when I can make that connection myself. I liked the reciprocal questioning as well and thought it could be a really useful strategy. I would also like to know what other strategies to use with children with ASD who have more severe communication deficits.

  • RE: Reading Instruction - Lauren Livingston, Sat Jun 13 09:04
    This week was informative and interesting as I was able to relate the information to students I have in my classroom. My student has high functioning Autism, he has great decoding skills but lacks in ... more
    • Reciprocal questioning - brawleyeo, Sat Jun 13 13:17
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