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Hey Angie!!
Wed May 27, 2015 10:47

Hi Angie!! I am so glad that you are able to go after your dreams and have the chance to go to school to get a degree that you want. I would not be able to do what you do because at 22 I feel like I can't role out of bed some days and I can't imagine it with children on top of that. I have to agree with you about the things that are seen in some schools that we work at during our cohort. I currently volunteer at a wonderful one, but I have been in some where the students are stuck with papers 24/7, not engaged with any subject, and it is sad because how are those teachers suppose to expect their students to enjoy school and pass tests when they are not learning anything! I hope we can incorporate more hands on activities to engage our students and be able to teach them to read in a less punishing way ( I HATE AR, and it should be banned from our county, however there are not any teachers who stand up to it and that is sad!) I hope we both learn more about teaching children with Autism and are able to incorporate some unique reading strategies for all our future students!

  • Introduction - Angie Helton, Mon May 25 12:13
    Hi everyone. I am currently enrolled in the Elementary Education Distance Ed. program on the Caldwell Community College campus in Hudson. This fall I will begin my senior year and I'm so happy about... more
    • Hey Angie!! - whitemb2, Wed May 27 10:47
    • Re: Introduction - parsonkl, Tue May 26 18:04
      Hi Angie! I also have little experience with people with ASD. I think this course will be very interesting and very helpful for ones like us who have little experience.
      • Reply to Kaitlin's reply to me... - Angie Helton, Thu May 28 08:48
        Hi Kaitlin, Yes, I think this class will be very interesting, and rewarding, for those of us who have little experience with ASD. I am so interested in learning how to help these students succeed in... more
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