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Hey Madison!
Wed May 27, 2015 10:51

Hey Madison! I have to say you are very brave for majoring in Special Education. I love children, however I won't lie, my patience can only go so far, and I don't believe I have enough for Special Ed students, however I work with them a lot and I would not change a thing because to see their faces light up when they finally understand a topic or are able to complete what was a challenge to them is precious and makes you also feel like you have completed something special for them. It is great that you were able to grow up around a family with a member with ASD. Growing up, I did see some kids in the community with ASD, however as a kid I never hung out with them because we never had some classes or anything together. Hopefully this course will teach us both more about teaching children with autism to read and write!

  • Intro- Reading Ed. 4+1 program - K. Madison Broome, Wed May 27 10:13
    Hi everyone! My name is Madison. I am from Hickory, NC and am a senior at ASU. I am majoring in Special Education. I am also a part of the 4+1 program for Reading Education. I chose special education ... more
    • Re: Intro- Reading Ed. 4+1 program - Sara Pappas, Mon Jun 1 14:39
      Madison! I'm so excited to have this class with you to learn about you and your passion. I love your reasoning behind becoming a special education teacher because it is similar to mine. My sister had ... more
    • Hi Madison - Britt Hatcher, Wed May 27 14:55
      HI!!! I love that you discovered your passion of teaching through your brother! It takes a very special person to work with those who have disabilities. How old is your brother? IT sounds like you... more
    • your brother - koppenhaverd, Wed May 27 13:20
      What's the nature of your brother's disability and how's he doing with learning to read? I'm perpetually fascinated by these kids. For the past 11 years we've conducted a literacy camp in MN for kids ... more
    • yay horses - macdonaldke, Wed May 27 12:22
      I think that's so cool that you work with therapeutic horses and the boy with ASD. I agree that consistency is important, not just for students with ASD but for every student to show that you care.
    • Hey Madison! - whitemb2, Wed May 27 10:51
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