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RE: Silent Reading
Sat Jun 13, 2015 15:02

I love the DEAR activity you implement in your classroom. Thanks for sharing, I will be using it in the future.

I agree that it is tricky. If students don't read aloud how do we know they can read? One way is to assess them on their silent reading. I believe it is important to read aloud with students as well. However, reading silently does not only improve comprehension it also encourages independent reading, which are our main goals with reading instruction. As teachers, we should find a balance between incorporating reading aloud and silent reading in our reading instruction, while keeping in mind that our ultimate goal is silent reading comprehension.

  • Response to Silent Reading - Mary Carsley, Sat Jun 13 14:49
    I found this very interesting, too. But as a teacher, we need to know if our students can actually read or not...I guess that's where the reading aloud part comes in. I love your idea of having time... more
    • RE: Silent Reading - tatem1, Sat Jun 13 15:02
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