Too Many Strategies Reply
Sat Jun 13, 2015 15:11

I feel it is important to remember not to overwhelm the student. Learning, especially with ASD students, can be a very delicate process. I feel learning one strategy at a time could be very useful. Trying to get students to learn many strategies at once may create frustration for students. Once they have mastered a strategy, I feel learning a new one would be okay.

  • Too Many Strategies at Once - Rachel Caldwell, Sat Jun 13 12:13
    This week was full of amazing strategies to use for different students, scenarios, book types, and lesson types. As my group was working on our lesson plan, we all started throwing great ideas and... more
    • Re: Too Many Strategies at Once - wigginsmr, Tue Jun 16 22:33
      I agree, sometimes a simple routine in lessons can go further than a string of activities. Students with ASD seem to especially do better with routines. I have learned a lot recently about how to... more
    • Too Many Strategies at Once - Rebecca McVey, Sat Jun 13 21:56
      I completely agree. I feel like so much of the time we as teachers worry about making things fun or motivating by adding elements and end up simply confusing our students. I ran into this while... more
    • I Agree! - Britt Hatcher, Sat Jun 13 18:25
      This is something that I thought about as well. As I was reading the things that my group was writing there were many wonderful ideas that we all had, and at one point I kind of found myself... more
    • RE: Too many strategies at once - tatem1, Sat Jun 13 15:26
      I agree. It is important to let students master one or two strategies before introducing new ones. Introducing multiple strategies at once can be overwhelming and counterproductive. The question is... more
    • Too Many Strategies Reply - parsonkl, Sat Jun 13 15:11
    • Response to Too Many Strategies - Mary Carsley, Sat Jun 13 14:39
      I feel your pain! I kept reading about interventions and strategies and then realized that I would need to choose wisely. I believe my students would become overwhelmed and confused if I were to... more
    • an alternative proposal - koppenhaverd, Sat Jun 13 14:37
      Rachel, I love your thinking about focusing on just one strategy at a time. In guided reading, focus on one strategy and you'll find students' comprehension improving. You won't overwhelm them. What... more
    • RE: Too Many Strategies at Once - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 13 13:28
      I completely agree with you, Rachel. I think sometimes it can seem like an intervention overload when we are presented with so many different strategies that have been proven to work with students... more
    • Re: Too Many Strategies at Once - andersenal, Sat Jun 13 13:15
      I think that if the student is overwhelmed, then yes it would be better to work with just one or two strategies at a time. Depending on the child, some students with ASD are easily overwhelmed and I... more
    • Too many - brawleyeo, Sat Jun 13 13:05
      I agree with you! It can be overwhelming for anyone, not just children with ASD, to have a lot of new information and strategies thrown at you at once! I think we want to find something that helps... more
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