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RE: Introducing Strategies
Sat Jun 13, 2015 15:17

This is a really good question. I do not know the answer. However, I can share my thoughts. From the past few weeks we have learned that students with ASD are all unique and that the spectrum is very broad. In the past, I have also heard that students with ASD learn better under structure and like to follow routines and steps. However, you can emphasize flexibility and also emphasize that flexibility is an option not a requirement. This way students are given more control and can stick to what works best for them. This is also where knowing your students well comes into play. If you know ahead of time that they strive under structure then maybe emphasizing flexibility is not that important. However, if from your interactions with them you know that they are open to flexibility, you can offer it as an option. If you have a mixture of students, then you can give the option and emphasize that it is only an option.

  • Introducing strategies - brawleyeo, Sat Jun 13 14:01
    When reading the Koppenhaver article on reading comprehension, I came across a section that confused me. It said, when introducing strategies teachers should consistently emphasize that the... more
    • RE: Introducing Strategies - tatem1, Sat Jun 13 15:17
      • Re: Re: Introducing Strategies - brawleyeo, Sat Jun 13 15:33
        This makes much better sense now! I guess I was thinking about it a little to hard. I think having flexibility as an option, depending on the student, can help the student be more in charge of their... more
    • Response to Introducing Strategies - Mary Carsley, Sat Jun 13 14:10
      I agree with you about the difficulty of getting a student with ASD to be flexible. I suppose that with mastering the steps, a student could be instructed in how to use each step as a tool when... more
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