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yay horses
Wed May 27, 2015 12:22

I think that's so cool that you work with therapeutic horses and the boy with ASD. I agree that consistency is important, not just for students with ASD but for every student to show that you care.

  • Intro- Reading Ed. 4+1 program - K. Madison Broome, Wed May 27 10:13
    Hi everyone! My name is Madison. I am from Hickory, NC and am a senior at ASU. I am majoring in Special Education. I am also a part of the 4+1 program for Reading Education. I chose special education ... more
    • Re: Intro- Reading Ed. 4+1 program - Sara Pappas, Mon Jun 1 14:39
      Madison! I'm so excited to have this class with you to learn about you and your passion. I love your reasoning behind becoming a special education teacher because it is similar to mine. My sister had ... more
    • Hi Madison - Britt Hatcher, Wed May 27 14:55
      HI!!! I love that you discovered your passion of teaching through your brother! It takes a very special person to work with those who have disabilities. How old is your brother? IT sounds like you... more
    • your brother - koppenhaverd, Wed May 27 13:20
      What's the nature of your brother's disability and how's he doing with learning to read? I'm perpetually fascinated by these kids. For the past 11 years we've conducted a literacy camp in MN for kids ... more
    • yay horses - macdonaldke, Wed May 27 12:22
    • Hey Madison! - whitemb2, Wed May 27 10:51
      Hey Madison! I have to say you are very brave for majoring in Special Education. I love children, however I won't lie, my patience can only go so far, and I don't believe I have enough for Special Ed ... more
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