Allison Powers
Expository Text
Sat Jun 13, 2015 17:06

I was also blown away by the growth the students made in comprehension. I guess I took for granted that these skills were things that came naturally with exposure to nonfiction text, but you're right- comprehension is very abstract which is can be a challenge for students on the spectrum. Providing them with strategies helps make the concept a little bit more concrete. I definitely believe that this was beneficial to them and would be beneficial in my classroom regardless of age or skill level.

  • Expository Text for Students with ASD - Nicholas Flippen, Thu Jun 11 15:09
    In the Carnahan and Williamson article, I read a lot about the difficulties that students with ASD can have with expository texts. This is when students are reading to learn, not learning to read.... more
    • Expository Text - Allison Powers, Sat Jun 13 17:06
    • Re: Expository Text for Students with ASD - hinesjd, Fri Jun 12 18:11
      Great ideas! When students begin to read for meaning, this transition can't be easy for anyone. Whether the student has a disability or not, they have to change the way they have been thinking about... more
    • Expository Text Reply - brawleyeo, Fri Jun 12 00:24
      I'm a speech-language pathology graduate student and this was a topic we really focused on in our School-Age Language Disorders class. I think it's important to teach the entire class reading... more
      • Teaching Explicitly - miloshcl, Fri Jun 12 12:16
        I agree! Especially in these stages of Emergent Literacy and Conventional Reading instruction, I believe all of the students in the classroom will benefit from direct instruction in text structures.... more
    • Reply to Nicholas - brigmanhd, Thu Jun 11 21:11
      I absolutely think that it's imperative to teach text structures to the whole class. There are many typically developing students who struggle with reading. Especially when the transition from... more
      • teaching to the whole class - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 12 14:36
        I agree that these strategies have to be explicitly taught to the whole class, especially once we are nearing the upper grades where these texts are more common. My literacy teacher taught us that... more
    • structure - catheyt, Thu Jun 11 16:27
      I think this is something all students should be directly taught. I think this also directly leads to some graphic organizers to match each tex structure. For example, cause and effect they could use ... more
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