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Student Teaching
Wed May 27, 2015 13:01

Hey Amanda! I am so excited for you that you are student teaching this fall. I start my student teaching in the spring. What grade are you student teaching for? I hope you have a great experience. I also was in Caldwell County for my block I field experience. I had a first grade class and loved every minute of it. What grade are you looking to teach? I look forward to working with you throughout the course! Dana Cox

  • Introduction - Amanda Wallace, Tue May 26 09:14
    Hi, my name is Amanda Wallace. I will begin student teaching this fall in Hickory, and will graduate in December. I have completed my internships in kindergarten and 4th grade in Caldwell County... more
    • Student Teaching - coxdm, Wed May 27 13:01
      • Student Teaching - Amanda Wallace, Wed May 27 13:26
        Dana, I have not gotten my grade assignment yet, only the school. Starting my program, I thought I wanted to teach 4th grade, but after having kindergarten in block II I'm not sure. I really loved... more
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