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RE: not 100% on board
Sat Jun 13, 2015 19:19

I see your point. I don't think silent reading guarantees comprehension. What I understood from watching the first lecture video this week was that silent reading can facilitate comprehension more so than reading aloud. However, we are all different so I can see how this can differ for each individual. However, it is important for students to master this skill. Since outside of school we often need to read things silently, more so than aloud, it is important for teachers to encourage silent reading in order to improve silent reading comprehension. With this being said, I agree that it is easier to stay on task when reading aloud. Thanks for your response, it has given me something else to think about in regards to silent reading comprehension.

  • Not 100% on board - whitemb2, Sat Jun 13 18:21
    See I can understand that silent reading is the ultimate goal and you have to master that skill to get anywhere in school, however I don't believe it guarantees reading comprehension. I am an adult... more
    • RE: not 100% on board - tatem1, Sat Jun 13 19:19
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