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Ali Carr
Reply to Sara Pappas
Sat Jun 13, 2015 19:30

I watched these videos as well and I think that the two students were being a little shy during the activity. If the "tutor" wanted specific answers from the student then he might should have split them up to get better answers but I think having them together allowed them to work on their social skills which is something that students with ASD should work on. I think that making the talk a little more engaging would have been better, like maybe having them stand instead of sit, having the book on a projector for both of them to be able to see it better, and being in a quieter place.

  • Charlie and Emily - Sara Pappas, Fri Jun 12 23:24
    I also watched the Charlie and Emily video. This was a paired picture walk where the tutor would talk and ask questions with Charles for a little bit and then turn and talk with Emily. I think the... more
    • Reply to Sara Pappas - Ali Carr, Sat Jun 13 19:30
    • Paired Reading Activities - andersenal, Sat Jun 13 12:23
      The first example that comes to mind is the video of Ryan and Kirsten. They were working together to read the story and figure out the correct sequence of events on the strips of paper. They both... more
    • Reply to Sara - brigmanhd, Sat Jun 13 08:20
      Sara, after the picture walk, the teacher could go through a text talk with the students. Are you familiar with a text talk? Basically, the teacher read the story aloud and stops at certain points to ... more
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