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Nicholas Flippen
RE: Silent Reading
Sat Jun 13, 2015 19:48

I think the goal of reading aloud is to eventually reach a point where the student can read independently and silently and comprehend what they've read. That's why we give students materials at their instructional level to be read aloud while we give them material at their independent level for them to read independently and silently.

  • Silent Reading - tatem1, Sat Jun 13 14:31
    What really stuck out to me this week was when I learned that silent reading comprehension is the ultimate purpose of reading instruction. From my experience in classrooms, teachers seem to focus... more
    • Re: Silent Reading - coxdm, Sat Jun 13 21:45
      I find that both reading aloud and reading silently have their own benefits. In the first grade classroom I interned in, the students were encouraged to read aloud every time they read. This was to... more
    • Silent Reading - Sonya Summey, Sat Jun 13 20:31
      I learned the same thing! I knew that silent reading was important, but this is the first week that I really understand its value. The goal is not necessarily how many words per minute a student can... more
    • RE: Silent Reading - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 13 19:48
    • Not 100% on board - whitemb2, Sat Jun 13 18:21
      See I can understand that silent reading is the ultimate goal and you have to master that skill to get anywhere in school, however I don't believe it guarantees reading comprehension. I am an adult... more
      • RE: not 100% on board - tatem1, Sat Jun 13 19:19
        I see your point. I don't think silent reading guarantees comprehension. What I understood from watching the first lecture video this week was that silent reading can facilitate comprehension more so ... more
    • Silent Reading Reply - parsonkl, Sat Jun 13 15:00
      I feel giving independent reading time is a great idea! I feel the same way, and have really felt like independent reading is just as important as reading aloud. I love reading aloud to students, and ... more
    • Response to Silent Reading - Mary Carsley, Sat Jun 13 14:49
      I found this very interesting, too. But as a teacher, we need to know if our students can actually read or not...I guess that's where the reading aloud part comes in. I love your idea of having time... more
      • RE: Silent Reading - tatem1, Sat Jun 13 15:02
        I love the DEAR activity you implement in your classroom. Thanks for sharing, I will be using it in the future. I agree that it is tricky. If students don't read aloud how do we know they can read?... more
    • Reading silently - brawleyeo, Sat Jun 13 14:44
      My middle school gave us 20 minutes a day to read anything we wanted. It was called "SSR" (silent sustained reading) and we couldn't work on homework or talk, it was 20 minutes of just reading.... more
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