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Allison Powers
Silent Reading
Sat Jun 13, 2015 20:22

I hadn't thought about silent reading comprehension until this class. I think it hadn't really crossed my mind because I didn't know how you would assess it. However, it did make me realize how important it is. This provides so much freedom and quality of life as an individual, which I believe is a huge part of our jobs.

  • Ultimate Goal? - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 10 11:47
    One of the most interesting things that stood out to me was that the ultimate goal of reading was to be able to do it silently. I had never thought of this before. I am just curious if everybody... more
    • Silent Reading - Allison Powers, Sat Jun 13 20:22
    • Response to Jordan Seagraves - Navila Castro, Fri Jun 12 23:33
      Jordan, great topic to bring up. I myself found that the print processing part of the lecture very interesting. You know what really called my attention? The fact mentioned in the silent reading... more
      • Reading Aloud Silently - Rachel Caldwell, Sat Jun 13 12:39
        I too thought it was very interesting that when we are reading silently we still act as if we were reading aloud. As I was thinking about this, I caught myself mouthing the words and hearing them in... more
    • Re: Ultimate Goal? - hinesjd, Fri Jun 12 18:31
      What a great question. I read what you and other in this thread had to say about this issues and I think everyone makes good points for both sides. The way I decided to approach it was that when that ... more
    • Re: Ultimate Goal - Hayden Porter, Thu Jun 11 14:26
      Such an interesting point, I'm glad you brought it up, Jordan. I was a little surprised by this statement as well. It seemed bold to say that the ultimate goal was to be able to read silently and... more
    • Re: Ultimate Goal? - brownrf, Thu Jun 11 12:14
      I am a little torn about this being the ultimate goal...I think reading silently is a very hard thing to do and it is hard to learn but why should it be the ultimate goal? Also, if you can read and... more
      • reply to brownrf - macdonaldke, Fri Jun 12 14:30
        I agree that maybe we shouldn't call this the "ultimate goal" of a child's education, but I would encourage you to read the other comments that are full of good insights. I came to this discussion... more
        • Reading as Adults - Rachel Caldwell, Sat Jun 13 12:45
          This topic was discussed some last module, and then I did not understand why it was so important for students to learn to read silently if reading aloud worked for them. But as we learned in the... more
          • focusing while reading - macdonaldke, Sun Jun 14 06:33
            I am with you on that one, Rachel! I definitely have caught myself drifting trying to read a lengthy passage and usually have to start reading aloud to focus. However, sometimes I find I even read... more
        • Reply to macdonaldke - K. Madison Broome, Fri Jun 12 21:31
          I really like the way you put this! As adults in society, we read things silently a lot more than most people think! Reading out loud comes first and is so important but the next step is silent... more
    • reply jordan seagraves - rognstadgr, Wed Jun 10 17:19
      This was also very shocking to me! I had never heard that before, but like you said, as long as you know how to read and can comprehend the information. I liked the point that he made during the... more
    • Silent reading - luckadooso, Wed Jun 10 17:10
      I agree with you in some ways, but in others I see what they are trying to say. I think that, often, a very heavy focus is placed on students being able to read aloud. For some students, this is a... more
    • Re: Ultimate Goal? - lavertyse, Wed Jun 10 13:46
      Jordan, I agree with you. I had never heard that the 'ultimate goal' was to be able to silently comprehend, but I think it makes sense. As adults we read silently and comprehend what we read (the... more
      • Re: Ultimate Goal? - Hunter Hastings, Thu Jun 11 10:46
        I also didn't know that silent reading with comprehension was the ultimate goal. It definitely makes sense though. It's kind of like teaching students daily living skills. We assist them, and... more
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