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Rebecca McVey
Re Time is Crucial.
Sat Jun 13, 2015 22:25

That makes me so sad to hear. I understand that time is precious, and sometimes our students take a lot of that time, but they will do nothing but fall further and further behind without attention from your classroom teacher. I feel like the adoption of more independent work at children's instructional level could prove beneficial. Also, I have seen many teachers save time by grouping by ability and giving independent work. This way there may be five lessons going on, but the teacher has the ability to float around and answer questions at then beginning and may choose to pull one group for small group instruction. I have been in many classrooms where then teacher used daily five and the independent station strategy seems to free up teachers for small group instruction as well.

  • Time is Crucial - whitemb2, Fri Jun 12 23:22
    There is never enough time to get to every students and meet their needs and teach the materials we have planned. So how do we as teachers or future teachers get that time? The teacher I work with... more
    • Re Time is Crucial. - Rebecca McVey, Sat Jun 13 22:25
    • re: time - Cynthia Trickel, Sat Jun 13 07:17
      First, I feel your pain. As an EC Teacher I was always feeling the burden of soooo many needs. It saddens me to hear about the teacher's "plan" for teaching the students with disabilities in her... more
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