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Alexandria Spurrier
Re: ASU Seniors
Sat Jun 13, 2015 22:35

I loved the detail about the student and how you included what he could and could not do. I thought the measurable annual goal was very appropriate as well as challenging for John. I also liked how in the anticipatory set you are already showing the students examples of comparing and contrasting dogs when they answer the questions about the dogs. I donít know if going through the whole book and looking at the pictures to make predictions is necessary, I think maybe just trying to predict from the book cover would be fine! I also think that you should add a different color to write in for the similar characteristics of the dogs in he middle of the venn diagram. I love the independent practice activity at the end!! It really makes comparing and contrasting the dogs easier for them to look at 2 pictures side by side! Great job guys!

  • Module 3 Lesson Plan - ASU Seniors , Fri Jun 12 13:24
    Group Members: Nicholas Flippen, Rebecca McVey, Cassidy Milosh, Madison Broome, and Brittany Vallas... more
    • Re: ASU Seniors - Alexandria Spurrier, Sat Jun 13 22:35
    • Reply to ASU Seniors - Maggie Horne, Sat Jun 13 19:35
      Guys, this was absolutely great! You all did an awesome job. Every single step was very detailed and you were thorough in all of your instructions. The substitute teacher would have no problem... more
    • ASU Seniors- Lesson Plan Comment - Hunter Hastings, Fri Jun 12 22:51
      This is a super thorough lesson plan. The amount of thought and detail put into this would make it easy for a substitute to implement this lesson plan. I also think how the teacher explains and... more
    • ASU Seniors- Lesson Plan - brownrf, Fri Jun 12 17:47
      Hey everyone! Your lesson plan was great. It was very clean and concise and seemed easy to follow. I really liked the independent practice "worksheet". I think it's really great to allow the students ... more
    • Re: Module 3 Lesson Plan - hinesjd, Fri Jun 12 17:09
      Hey guys! I really enjoyed reading your lesson plan for this week. Our group also focused a part of our lesson plan around comparing and contrasting. This is a very important skill for students to... more
      • Great suggestion - miloshcl, Sat Jun 13 09:59
        Thanks for your suggestion, Jacob! That's a very good point. I reviewed another group's lesson plan and they included a section about alternate instruction. This helped them know what to do if the... more
        • Re: Great suggestion - hinesjd, Sat Jun 13 13:57
          Thanks. Sorry I replied to yall's group again because I thought we were doing the same groups as last week. Still glad to have read it!
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