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Sonya Summey
Re: The Specialists
Sat Jun 13, 2015 23:17

I love this lesson plan. I liked how you included the age of the students, their reading abilities, and even the common core standards that were met. This provided a lot of understanding and credibility to your lesson plan. I thought the "Three Little Pigs" was a fun book to go over as well. Figuring out their prior knowledge is such an important step and I like how you added it in there. The way you incorporated using the pictures during the reading was excellent too. After reading it is also beneficial having that summary that is adapted to all students.

My only question is related to the non verbal students. How could you find out the comprehension level of those students when asking questions? Or, would that be determined after reading when pointing at the pictures of the various scenes?

I think that this lesson is cute and fun, especially for first graders. Great job!

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