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Re: ASU 4+1 Lesson Plans
Sat Jun 13, 2015 23:22

Glow: You all did a great job overall. I really liked the diversity within the group you picked. I learned from the readings this week that pairing students who are not on the same academic levels can be effective because students can grow from one another. I also thought the idea of using dogs in future lesson plans was a great idea, as students with ASD have trouble comprehending and sometimes retaining information. Therefore, this would be a beneficial way to see if students are retaining the information.

Grow: One thought I had when reading your lesson plan was, "I'm not sure if copies of the article would be as effective as we assume." Instead, I liked the smartboard idea. I feel like individuals with ASD have a hard time paying attention and having something right in front of them could possibly distract them even more. However, displaying it on the smartboard would help the teacher keep them engaged.

  • Lesson Plan - Module 3 - ASU 4 + 1, Sat Jun 13 14:25 This should be the shareable link to our lesson plan! Rebecca Wiggins Chelsea... more
    • Re: ASU 4+1 Lesson Plans - bennettmc, Sat Jun 13 23:22
    • reply to ASU 4+1 lesson plan - tatem1, Sat Jun 13 23:00
      Glow: You guys did great! The lesson plan was easy to follow. I love the before reading and the chart idea. Having students make predictions based on pictures is a great way to activate background... more
    • Response to 4+1 lesson plan - Erica Phelps, Sat Jun 13 21:38
      This lesson is well planned out. I liked that you described the setting and the group of students in detail and it was easy to picture this lesson taking place. You also asked a lot of great... more
    • Response to 4+1 lesson - Navila Castro, Sat Jun 13 20:16
      4+1 I think your reading article was a great choice, the topic is relatable since it is possible that the children have seen one type of working dog. The reading chart is also a great thing to do... more
    • Can't open - tatem1, Sat Jun 13 19:59
      I'm having trouble opening up the lesson plan.
    • Dogs on duty - catheyt, Sat Jun 13 17:47
      Glow: I think the text would be engaging to first grade students. The topic and the illustrations would be very interesting to them so I imagine they would be involved in the lesson. Grow: I would... more
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