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K. Madison Broome
RE: Elementary Educators
Mon Jun 15, 2015 11:01

I really like that you guys used a poem that appeals to the students interests. This should hopefully help with focus and motivation! I also like that you included pictures with your vocabulary words. Visual supports are awesome for students with ASD! The poem is really cute and funny, however I think that it may be too abstract. It is saying the animal is a puppy but then in the end it isn't. Students with ASD are very literal and like concrete concepts. I liked your steps during Step 2. I think asking them comprehension questions after each stanza and using the vocabulary cards are great ideas! I love the alternate plan and the use of a sentence starter if necessary! Great job guys!

  • Elem. Educators - coxdm, Fri Jun 12 22:01
    Second Grade Lesson Plan Elem. Educators: Dana Cox, Karley Ingold, Kaitlin Parson, and Molly Smith... more
    • RE: Elementary Educators - K. Madison Broome, Mon Jun 15 11:01
    • RE: Elem. Educators - Nicholas Flippen, Sat Jun 13 19:28
      Hey guys! I have left suggestions on the google doc itself. You should just be able to click the link and see my suggestions and comments. Overall, you guys did a wonderful job!
    • Elem Educators Feedback - miloshcl, Sat Jun 13 09:55
      Hey guys! What a fun lesson plan (: My favorite part is the "Before Reading" plan for conversation. You cover so much here and I think it's extremely valuable stuff. You discuss what is poetry, you... more
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