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Lesson Plan 2 reply
Mon Jun 15, 2015 16:41

I really like the amount of detail you went into with the lesson plan. I could see how you were catering to student 1 goal of increased social interaction skills. The lesson was well thought out and organized. I like that you added at the end the bit about spreading it our over a few days if students are having trouble comprehending! Great Job!

  • The Best Group Lesson Plan Module 3 - Maggie Horne, Thu Jun 11 23:58
    Here is our Module 3 Lesson Plan
    • Re: The Best Group Lesson Plan Module 3 - Megan Rembert, Tue Jun 16 03:12
      I like the organizational methods that you provide in the lesson. These charts are a great way to break up students thinking and let them give special attention to detail. I think that with so many... more
    • Lesson Plan 2 reply - rognstadgr, Mon Jun 15 16:41
    • Lesson Plan 2 - Amanda Wallace, Sat Jun 13 14:08
      I can tell you all put a lot of work into this since there is so much detail included. I particularly like the ASK IT strategy you included. I also like that they are working in groups since student... more
    • Re: The Best Group Lesson Plan Module 3 - hillaryyarbrough , Sat Jun 13 11:13
      I really enjoyed reading through this lesson plan. I liked how detailed you guys were when explaining the students with autism in the classroom. These were very thorough and helpful to me reading the ... more
    • Response to Lesson Plan - Cynthia Trickel, Sat Jun 13 09:44
      I enjoyed reading your lesson plan. I like the fact that you included the common core standards on comprehension and collaboration. The use of the QPA chart and “ASK IT” strategy were great... more
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