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Tracy Nicole Cornacchio
Re: "Ah Ha" Moment
Mon Jun 15, 2015 16:58

I agree that it can be very rewarding for a student to have an "ah ha" moment but I believe there are times when you do have to correct student for them to learn. If you are doing things wrong and no one ever tells you the correct way to do it then how will you know you are making a mistake. I believe its okay to let a student with ASD know the correct way to do things you just have to be very careful about how you approach them and make sure you give lots of positive reinforcement when they do something correct.

  • "Ah Ha" Moment - coxdm, Sat Jun 13 21:36
    I love that Jacob mentioned that it might be a big step if students answer the questions. This goes to show that every child is going to have different goals and we should recognize all forms of... more
    • Re: "Ah Ha" Moment - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Mon Jun 15 16:58
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