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parents of kids with disabilities
Tue Jun 16, 2015 14:48

I helped a family in MN years ago. The mother, whose son was in high school at that point, told me that not a single member of her son's IEP team ever sat in the chairs next to her in meetings. These adversarial relationships don't do children any good. Blame is also a really ineffective literacy intervention.

  • As A Parent - Jean Milton, Tue Jun 16 14:14
    I think the most interesting part of the webinar would be the portion on parents of children on the spectrum. I think the descriptions of parents with children on the spectrum was quite truthful. I... more
    • Parents and teachers - Jordan Seagraves, Tue Jun 16 15:20
      I feel that teachers and parents should be able to work together in situations that benefit their child. My goal as a first year teacher will be to always try to see where the parent is coming from... more
    • Re: As a parent - bennettmc, Tue Jun 16 15:06
      Jean, I'm so glad you found this Webinar useful. Although not a parent, nor a parent of a child with ASD I also found this webinar extremely useful. As a social worker, I also must be able to... more
    • parents of kids with disabilities - koppenhaverd, Tue Jun 16 14:48
    • Re: As A Parent - brawleyeo, Tue Jun 16 14:36
      When they were speaking about parents of children on the spectrum, I thought one of the most important ideas they discussed was validating the parent's thinking. I think it is extremely important to... more
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