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2 thoughts on fixing behaviors
Tue Jun 16, 2015 14:54

Judy Duchan is a retired speech-language pathologist from SUNY-Buffalo. She once wrote a description of a basketball player playing a game. She read it to an audience of ASD experts and all thought she was describing a person with autism.

You met Eric through videos and his writing in this course. Eric had pretty extreme behaviors until he learned to read, write, and communicate more conventionally. I asked his family once why they chose to pursue literacy and inclusion and not ABA, a very popular behavioral intervention in ASD. She said they didn't want to lose their son. That is, they recognized what most specialists and educators do not, that behavior is a form of communication. The challenge is to figure out what undesireable behaviors are communicating, and then help the individual learn to communicate that idea more conventionally (and usually more successfully). Literacy did that for Eric.

  • Fixing Behaviors - brawleyeo, Tue Jun 16 14:45
    One of the important things I took away from this lecture was the idea of "fixing" and "correcting" autistic behaviors does not equal progress. It centers on the idea that behaviors are human... more
    • re: fixing behaviors - stacy huffman, Sat Jun 20 12:22
      This really jumped out to me as well. I think we are always so focused on "fixing" and "correcting" behaviors that we forget the fact that this is part of who they are. I too love the woman who... more
    • Re: Fixing Behaviors - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 16 17:24
      I thought that this portion of the seminar was also very interesting. In the beginning when he was stating labels that people typically give ASD students I was somewhat alarmed. I have called a... more
    • Re: Fixing Behaviors - bennettmc, Tue Jun 16 14:55
      This concept really stood out to me as well. It also helped me understand my own misconceptions about individuals with ASD and how these misconceptions display them in a negative way. This also goes... more
    • 2 thoughts on fixing behaviors - koppenhaverd, Tue Jun 16 14:54
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