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Viewing ASD in a family centered way; stop labeling
Tue Jun 16, 2015 15:22

I thought this webinar was extremely beneficial to listen to. There were many aspects that interested me. Howver, what stood out to me the most was that society often does not look at this diasbility from a family-centered approach. Instead, we are quick to look at it in an individualistic type of way. This stood out to me because I am a social worker and we are taught to look at disability/concept/situation from all sides and with all point of views in mind. We need to not just understand what the individual with ASD is going through, but also how parents, sibilings, teachers, and other people in the individual's life deal with this disability. If we, as helpers, can understand all perspectives then we will truly be able to help and advocate for this individual.

As a future social worker, I found the idea of labeling very useful in my future work. Although I have grown in this area, I admit that in the past I have been quick to label and therefore put up walls between the individual and myself. If we want to help these students grow and succeed, then we have to stop labeling and look for ways to help them. We need to understand, in order to help other students understand individuals with ASD. This also helps decrease bullying.

One question from the webinar I had was when he discussed giving control to children with ASD. I want to know more about how much control and how this looks specifically?

All of the skills he talked about at the end of the webinar confirmed my learning. Thse included utlizing strengths and acknowleding what students with ASD like to do, understanding their learning style, and being a good team leader.

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    Discuss Barry Prizant's webinar here with the rest of us who attended. What interested you most? What did you find useful as a (future) teacher, especially with regard to literacy instruction? What... more
    • Parental Behavior - stacy huffman, Sat Jun 20 12:37
      This was especially interesting to me. I needed to be reminded that parents know what the behaviors are. They don't need to hear about those. What they really want to know is what their child is... more
    • In the classroom - McKenzi Davis, Wed Jun 17 09:52
      In the webinar Prizant mentioned that as teachers we are to make sure that each child is engaged with the right support so that all students have an equal right for success, even the ASD students.... more
      • Re: In the classroom - bennettmc, Thu Jun 18 11:49
        I also loved the point he made about utilizing the student's strengths. I feel like too often we feel as if we know what is best for the individual, when really we should be observing their strengths ... more
    • We Are Service Providers - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 16 17:36
      One thing that was really emphasized to me throughout the whole seminar is that teachers are service providers. This means that we are advocates. This means that we build bridges and that we educate, ... more
      • Re: We are service providers - bennettmc, Thu Jun 18 11:51
        Yes, absolutely! I am not a teacher. However, I am going into the field of social work, and therefore can totally relate to this idea. It's when we loose sight of this that our clients/students begin ... more
    • Providing Support - Jordan Seagraves, Tue Jun 16 15:32
      I really liked his "essential steps to increase understanding & better serve students." I think that providing support is very important to point out. I feel like a lot of times teachers try to... more
      • Re: Providing Support - bennettmc, Thu Jun 18 11:53
        I agree with you Jordan. This can go the other way as well in relating to parents. I feel like parents feel unsupported and have to figure out everything on their own. This is why it is so critical... more
        • re: providing support - stacy huffman, Sat Jun 20 12:45
          I couldn't agree more with your point that parents often feel unsupported. I remind myself frequently that I have had years of education and even specialized training to support students with ASD and ... more
      • mangagement skills - koppenhaverd, Tue Jun 16 15:54
        What you are describing requires management skills. Someone has to coordinate this support across environments. Important that you recognize the value. Making it happen will be the challenge. Good... more
    • understanding the student - Jordan Seagraves, Tue Jun 16 15:24
      I loved the examples that were given in the webinar from the child who covers their ears every time in the music room and the student who throws them self down in front of the gym doors. Most of the... more
      • behavior as communication - koppenhaverd, Tue Jun 16 15:58
        A critical issue is whether you treat behavior as behavior or as a form of communication. If throwing yourself down in front of the gym doors is viewed as behavior, you have 2 choices: reward it so... more
        • re: behavior as communication - stacy huffman, Sat Jun 20 12:28
          I am so glad that you presented this question. I recently took a class that helped me look at behaviors as a form of communication. This was definitely an "a-ha" moment for me. I began to look at... more
      • Re: Understanding the student - brawleyeo, Tue Jun 16 15:44
        I agree with you. I think too often we think about ourselves or get embarrassed so we just try to make the student stop the behavior we don't like. I think stopping to think about the cause or the... more
      • Re: Understanding the student - bennettmc, Tue Jun 16 15:28
        Jordan, I agree with you. I think too often we are quick to not even try. I appreciated examples like this because it reminds me that there is so much more going on with these individuals then what... more
    • Viewing ASD in a family centered way; stop labeling - bennettmc, Tue Jun 16 15:22
      • giving control - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 17 09:41
        You make many good points. Hope you'll be a school social worker. I'd fine-tune a couple of points. Rather than "giving control," I'd say respect children. As a teacher, I'm just not going to give... more
        • Re: Giving Control - bennettmc, Wed Jun 17 14:37
          Yes, thanks for that reminder. It's not so much about giving up control but being able to work alongside the student instead of making decisions for him or her.
    • Fixing Behaviors - brawleyeo, Tue Jun 16 14:45
      One of the important things I took away from this lecture was the idea of "fixing" and "correcting" autistic behaviors does not equal progress. It centers on the idea that behaviors are human... more
      • re: fixing behaviors - stacy huffman, Sat Jun 20 12:22
        This really jumped out to me as well. I think we are always so focused on "fixing" and "correcting" behaviors that we forget the fact that this is part of who they are. I too love the woman who... more
      • Re: Fixing Behaviors - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 16 17:24
        I thought that this portion of the seminar was also very interesting. In the beginning when he was stating labels that people typically give ASD students I was somewhat alarmed. I have called a... more
      • Re: Fixing Behaviors - bennettmc, Tue Jun 16 14:55
        This concept really stood out to me as well. It also helped me understand my own misconceptions about individuals with ASD and how these misconceptions display them in a negative way. This also goes... more
      • 2 thoughts on fixing behaviors - koppenhaverd, Tue Jun 16 14:54
        Judy Duchan is a retired speech-language pathologist from SUNY-Buffalo. She once wrote a description of a basketball player playing a game. She read it to an audience of ASD experts and all thought... more
    • As A Parent - Jean Milton, Tue Jun 16 14:14
      I think the most interesting part of the webinar would be the portion on parents of children on the spectrum. I think the descriptions of parents with children on the spectrum was quite truthful. I... more
      • Parents and teachers - Jordan Seagraves, Tue Jun 16 15:20
        I feel that teachers and parents should be able to work together in situations that benefit their child. My goal as a first year teacher will be to always try to see where the parent is coming from... more
      • Re: As a parent - bennettmc, Tue Jun 16 15:06
        Jean, I'm so glad you found this Webinar useful. Although not a parent, nor a parent of a child with ASD I also found this webinar extremely useful. As a social worker, I also must be able to... more
      • parents of kids with disabilities - koppenhaverd, Tue Jun 16 14:48
        I helped a family in MN years ago. The mother, whose son was in high school at that point, told me that not a single member of her son's IEP team ever sat in the chairs next to her in meetings. These ... more
      • Re: As A Parent - brawleyeo, Tue Jun 16 14:36
        When they were speaking about parents of children on the spectrum, I thought one of the most important ideas they discussed was validating the parent's thinking. I think it is extremely important to... more
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