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Re: Determining the Greatest Need
Tue Jun 16, 2015 22:41

I also really enjoyed the video about the student who wanted to be interviewed to answer the comprehension questions. Making students feel comfortable and excited about learning is so important for teachers. I think that determining the student's greatest need is where all teachers should be starting to help students reach their full potential. Teaching on student's instructional level and providing them with attainable but challenging goals can build confidence and help students learn.

  • Determining the Greatest Need - Navila Castro, Sat Jun 13 00:06
    This section of assessment was of great interest to me. Determining the student's greatest need seemed to break up everything nicely and helps the educator pinpoint what is it that it preventing the... more
    • Reply - K. Madison Broome, Sun Jun 21 23:52
      I couldn't agree more! I think that these strategies like talking about themes before reading, using illustrations, connecting personal experience to the text, etc. are all great! They are personal... more
    • Re: Determining the Greatest Need - wigginsmr, Tue Jun 16 22:41
    • Response to Determining the Greatest Need - Mary Carsley, Sat Jun 13 14:28
      I agree, Navila. Determining the student's greatest need is POWERFUL in helping them learn. Unfortunately, this can take some ferreting out! But, once identified, and successful interventions are in... more
    • Reply to Navila - brigmanhd, Sat Jun 13 08:11
      I really liked that you mentioned the "TV interview" as a means of asking comprehension questions. As teachers, I think it's so important to never lose our creativity. I know I always here things... more
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