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Glory Rognstad
Intro number 2 response
Wed May 27, 2015 13:54

I am happy to see that someone in Elementary Education taking this course. One flaw that I have seen in our education system is the lack of over all knowledge among general education teachers about special education. I have found when teaching students with special needs a little can go a long way. I am looking forward to hearing your perspective on issues this semester!

  • intro number 2, woops - macdonaldke, Wed May 27 12:20
    Hello all, my name is Kelly MacDonald and I'm going to be a senior at App next year, although I am currently in the 4+1 program for Reading Education. I am an Elementary Education major and have just ... more
    • Re: intro number 2, woops - parsonkl, Wed May 27 19:39
      Hi Kelly, I will also be a senior at App this fall and am in the 4+1 program. I personally have never worked with children with autism in a classroom, but have worked with EC children. Good luck... more
    • Re: intro number 2, woops - hinesjd, Wed May 27 18:43
      Good luck with the EOGs. I like that many of us are in the same boat with our ASD knowledge. I look forward to learning with you.
    • Intro number 2 response - Glory Rognstad, Wed May 27 13:54
    • EOGs and ASD - koppenhaverd, Wed May 27 13:16
      I'll be interested in hearing about your experiences with the EOG. Kids with ASD who I have worked with have not been good at "performance on demand." That is, doing what they're told and showing... more
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