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Jordan Seagraves
Correcting spelling errors
Wed Jun 17, 2015 10:55

I have thought this for a very long time and heard it the first time last semester in my other graduate course. I shared with my group during our discussion that I remember in 2nd or 3rd grade that I would only be able to write a sentence in 30 minutes or so because I was so afraid of misspelling words. This really make students not like to write in their early stages. It makes writing hard and I feel this is where most students learn to not like to write.

  • Spelling and Writing - McKenzi Davis, Tue Jun 16 15:50
    As teachers, I think that we get caught up in the formality of writing. One thing that has stood out to me so far in this week's lectures, readings, and videos is that in the beginning stages of... more
    • reply to spelling and writing - Navila Castro, Sat Jun 20 15:43
      McKenzi I like that you bring up your own experience with spelling. I actually would recommend these types of students to use online programs like Write:Outloud or Co:Writer because that would allow... more
    • Reply to Spelling and Writing - Allison Powers, Fri Jun 19 22:51
      Yes! I think that is one of the reasons we see such a dramatic change when we allow students to use computer programs that help them with spelling. By pulling up a list of suggested words, that is... more
    • Writing and Spelling - Amanda Wallace, Fri Jun 19 22:40
      This really does make since. In the kindergarten class I was with this semester, the students were just encouraged to sound out the words and spell them the best they could. Corrections came after... more
    • re: spelling and writing - stacy huffman, Thu Jun 18 22:34
      McKenzi love the story you shared about your experience during your internship. I too have seen the harm that this can do to students who are learning to write. I worked in a resource setting and so... more
    • McKenzie Reply - Rebecca McVey , Wed Jun 17 22:22
      I completely agree, great point McKenzie! I feel that it is so important to present writing in a positive light and allow students to explore instead of being a stickler for rules. If I were learning ... more
      • Re - McKenzi Davis, Thu Jun 18 09:51
        What their teacher and I would do was have them read it to us for us to write it on another copy for them. Sometimes the students could not even read their own writing; when this happened we had them ... more
    • Correcting spelling errors - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 17 10:55
      • emergent writers - catheyt, Thu Jun 18 13:49
        I agree with you Jordan. I teach kindergarten and I see this with kids all the time. They are excited about writing until they reach a place where they know their writing isn't' "right". Its... more
    • Re: Spelling and Writing - lavertyse, Tue Jun 16 17:06
      McKenzi, I agree that spelling corrections should not come until the editing stage. I think we should support students to write freely without that worry. That is what editing is for! We just don't... more
      • reply to lavertyse: work smarter not harder - macdonaldke, Wed Jun 17 20:28
        I think this is a great idea to have students write as much as they can and then allow them to look up words when preparing to write a second draft. I personally love writing, but I know that usually ... more
        • work smarter - Cynthia Trickel, Thu Jun 18 22:37
          Allowing students to write without worrying about spelling or editing the first time around sounds like it will allow for more thoughts to flow into the writing. It will allow the students to... more
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