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when praise works and when to teach
Wed Jun 17, 2015 14:55

The video you watched of Eric is a 3rd grader receiving for the first time in his life good writing instruction. Watch the video again and listen to my explanations. Watch the lectures on teaching methods and read over our chapter on teaching methods. The issue is less one of praise than supporting a child who is finally communicating. Poorly. He did what he could do in a first draft. He added more in a second draft. His problems with producing correct sentences are something you note as a teacher and teach in mini-lessons. You cannot over-teach and get Eric to continue to buy in to a difficult process. Micro-teach (5 minutes at a time) and provide tons of writing experience and observe closely during that writing.

  • Re: Eric Video - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Tue Jun 16 20:38
    Maybe the teacher did not want to discourage the student from writing. It is possible that the student could not take negative criticism but it looks like the teacher would have to address the... more
    • when praise works and when to teach - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 17 14:55
      • micro-teach - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 17 22:30
        I had not heard the term "micro-teach" or thought about "mini-lessons" before this class. But it makes perfect sense, especially with children who need that extra assistance. I would think that using ... more
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