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Rachel Caldwell
Dislike of Pix Writer
Wed Jun 17, 2015 15:18

I did not like Pix Writer, and found that it seemed to go against most of the things that were discussed in the lectures. This program gives the student no freedom in their writing, but instead limits them to sentences pre-made by the teacher. To me, this is forcing the student to have to read through and figure out what words to use to make these broken sentences. Their reasoning was that she would not have to worry about spelling, but bad spelling to me is better than her just randomly putting words together. If she decides that she wanted the monkey to eat the jungle would she be automatically wrong, would the teacher think she just didn't know, or would could it be that she wanted it to eat the jungle. You would not know.

  • Re: Writing and Technology - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 17 11:05
    Pix Writer seems like a great program for teaching writing to individuals with ASD. This program sounds great for students who struggle with spelling but it seems like at some point in time they will ... more
    • Dislike of Pix Writer - Rachel Caldwell, Wed Jun 17 15:18
      • Re: Dislike of Pix Writer - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 17 18:42
        I can see what you are saying about Pix Writer. Spelling was my concern also with Pix Writer. I think it would be better if the students just wrote the words and created their own sentences.
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