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Rebecca McVey
Wed Jun 17, 2015 22:40

Tracy, I found myself reflecting on your question for quite a while. I believe that freedom of choice is almost necessary, but find myself wondering how to keep this while preventing students from getting "stuck." Perhaps we can try to offer different spins on whatever their interests are. For example, the teacher may offer the prompt what would you do if your train suddenly stopped, or if a train could talk what do you think it would say?

Any other ideas or promoting progress while still allowing students to write on their interests?

  • Writing and Technology - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Tue Jun 16 20:32
    This week I realized how big of a struggle writing is for students with ASD. There are so many aspects that play into writing and teaching writing that I never thought of before. I have noticed that... more
    • RE: Writing and Technology - Nicholas Flippen, Fri Jun 19 20:16
      Tracy, I pulled the same conclusions from the materials this week. I saw the use of a lot of assistive technology in student's writing. I think there are a number of reasons why this was done. One, a ... more
    • re: writing and technology - Hunter Hastings, Fri Jun 19 14:37
      This is a really good post. I would say that our students need to be given opportunities to write on whatever topic they desire. I always load when teachers would give guidelines, but not strict... more
    • Re: Writing and Technology - Angie Helton, Thu Jun 18 08:10
      I enjoyed the Kirsten video as well. Her sentences made perfect sense to her because she was writing what she saw. She could clearly make a connection with it and when her teacher would rephrase her... more
      • Re: Writing and Technology - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Thu Jun 18 10:57
        I did not hear Kirsten too well since there was a lot of background noise but maybe it was clicking with her. Maybe it would have been better if Kirsten was retyping what the teacher was typing.
    • technology - Cynthia Trickel, Wed Jun 17 22:53
      I agree with you. This module taught me many things about writing that I had never thought of. Our group had a great discussion about technology and finding the appropriate devise. We agreed that... more
    • Tracy-Technology-Reply - Rebecca McVey, Wed Jun 17 22:40
      • Re: Tracy-Technology-Reply - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Thu Jun 18 11:00
        Someone had a good comment earlier about guiding these students to write about things related to their topic. For example if the student wanted to write about trains we could read a book with them... more
    • choosing same topic repeatedly - koppenhaverd, Wed Jun 17 15:01
      See the lecture on supporting rather than legislating topic choice. It is easy to move students toward other kinds of writing by providing lots of choice, peer feedback (I'm tired of reading about... more
    • RE: Writing and Technology - Kelsie Fender, Wed Jun 17 11:43
      While we're on the subject of writing and technology, one point we made in my group was that in the Kirsten video, Kirsten and Amy wrote descriptive sentences about frogs using powering. I thought it ... more
      • RE: Writing and Technology - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 17 12:24
        I also watched that video and I loved they way they were using PowerPoint to write about the pictures. It looked like they were writing a story about frogs.
    • technology - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 17 10:42
      One of the most beneficial things I got out of this week was how much technology could aid in instruction for writing to both help the student become engaged and to aid them in writing. I would like... more
      • Re: technology - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 17 11:03
        Now that you say that I do remember reading about students using technology such as a computer to socially communicate with others via social networking. The only worry I have about that is that I... more
        • Reply to Technology - Maggie Horne, Fri Jun 19 11:26
          Tracy, this is something that I constantly battle over in my head. Our society revolves around technology and all students should know how to use it, social media included. So much of our students'... more
        • RE: Tracy's Question - Jordan Seagraves, Wed Jun 17 11:14
          You pose a very important question. I think there could be many answers to your questions. One way is to monitor students while they do their work. If they are writing emails to their e-pal, then... more
    • Re: Writing and Technology - Molly Smith, Wed Jun 17 08:29
      I also noticed how technology seems to be used a lot in writing instruction for students with ASD. The Pennington (2009) article said that researchers often use computer technology to present... more
      • Re: Writing and Technology - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 17 11:05
        Pix Writer seems like a great program for teaching writing to individuals with ASD. This program sounds great for students who struggle with spelling but it seems like at some point in time they will ... more
        • Dislike of Pix Writer - Rachel Caldwell, Wed Jun 17 15:18
          I did not like Pix Writer, and found that it seemed to go against most of the things that were discussed in the lectures. This program gives the student no freedom in their writing, but instead... more
          • Re: Dislike of Pix Writer - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 17 18:42
            I can see what you are saying about Pix Writer. Spelling was my concern also with Pix Writer. I think it would be better if the students just wrote the words and created their own sentences.
    • Re: Writing and Technology - hillaryyarbrough, Wed Jun 17 07:52
      I completely agree with you. I can see the challenge of having a student want to write about the same topic each time, or their writing not improving because they can write about anything. The only... more
      • Re: Writing and Technology - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 17 11:07
        That seems like a good idea to choose a topic close to their interest so hopefully they will still be engaged in writing.
    • Re: Writing and Technology - Kelsie Fender, Tue Jun 16 23:33
      Tracy, You pose a really good question! I believe that if a student is consistently writing about the same topic, but he or she is strengthening their writing, they should be allowed to continue... more
      • Writing Topics - Rachel Caldwell, Fri Jun 19 17:03
        I agree, while to us it may not seem like they are improving since they are writing about the same thing, they might be getting so much out of it. I have worked with a first grade student with Autism ... more
      • Re: Writing and Technology - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Wed Jun 17 07:31
        That makes sense. Thanks!
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