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re: modifications
Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:56

You special education majors know far more about this than I do. As far as I know if a child's IEP lays out modifications, the child has a legal right to them in class and during any testing. Some make sense, some are brainless from a literacy perspective. I'd argue for common sense, a greater sense of teamwork on the IEP team, and a greater understanding of literacy. Some examples, I know a child who had a progressive neurological disorder that caused him to lose the use of his limbs and fingers before he was 12. He could still speak clearly and was allowed to use voice input for writing. That's reasonable. I know a child born with no eyes who was forced to take a reading test with no modifications. That's the height of stupidity, not to mention cruelty. It should have ended in a lawsuit but didn't. I know a third child who was given the modification of listening on a test of reading comprehension. That is ignorant and thoughtless. If you listen to text it's listening comprehension, if you read, it's reading comprehension. And on and on and on. It is less about law than thoughtfulness and understanding in my opinion.

  • Re: Modifications Q? - McKenzi Davis, Wed Jun 17 16:47
    Dr. Koppenhaver, As never having a disability I have never had to go through testing modifications, or really any major modifications (to my knowledge) of any sort I was wondering how modifications... more
    • re: modifications - koppenhaverd, Thu Jun 18 10:56
    • good question - Megan Rembert, Thu Jun 18 06:35
      I know for a student I had in 3rd grade, he had on his IEP a modification for writing saying that if he got frustrated, he could have a scribe write for him and I think this was true for anything he... more
    • McKenzie Reply-Modifications - Rebecca McVey, Wed Jun 17 22:56
      McKenzie, to my knowledge, students by law MUST receive any modifications listed in their IEP. This applies for tests as informal as unit tests in then classroom to as formal as an EOG or another... more
      • I Heard.... - Jean Milton, Thu Jun 18 22:00
        When I was doing an assignment that required a records review I noticed that one of the students had large print and read aloud on all of their testing. I put that in the back of my mind until I sat... more
      • Re - McKenzi Davis, Thu Jun 18 09:48
        I have never seen or been aware of any modifications that were made for any students on test days so I cannot address your question. But, what a shame for students to have modifications and not... more
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