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Tracy Nicole Cornacchio
Re: Tracy-Technology-Reply
Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:00

Someone had a good comment earlier about guiding these students to write about things related to their topic. For example if the student wanted to write about trains we could read a book with them about different kinds of trains and write about the different trains. Or write about how a train track is built or about the underground railroad to connect to History. This way they are still writing and learning new information about trains but the sentences are not always the same.

  • Tracy-Technology-Reply - Rebecca McVey, Wed Jun 17 22:40
    Tracy, I found myself reflecting on your question for quite a while. I believe that freedom of choice is almost necessary, but find myself wondering how to keep this while preventing students from... more
    • Re: Tracy-Technology-Reply - Tracy Nicole Cornacchio, Thu Jun 18 11:00
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