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Thu Jun 18, 2015 11:00

Privacy issues seldom arise in a journal if students trust you and would be highly unlikely in ASD. Many students with ASD are not that self-aware or understanding of your perspective. I always let my students, disadvantaged but not ASD, fold down the page and staple it, if they did not want me to read something. It rarely happened. Sometimes I wished it had. Personal narratives of disadvantaged children can be heartbreaking.

  • Re: dialogue journal - macdonaldke, Thu Jun 18 10:35
    This is a great idea and a way of communication between parents, teachers, and students! I remember learning that this helps all students, especially ELLs in particular because they can practice... more
    • journaling - koppenhaverd, Thu Jun 18 11:00
      • Re - macdonaldke, Thu Jun 18 17:29
        Oh that is one characteristic I did not know of, thank you for that information! I agree that teachers sometimes get an exclusive look into the lives of students that many others never see, and it's... more
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