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where does the learning happen?
Thu Jun 18, 2015 14:02

My question with a program like this would be, are they learning the letter because they color it and trace it? They are probably learning the letter because they are connecting the name with the character and the alliteration of the sound/letter. They are developing their phonemic & phonological awareness with these activities. I bet their learning is coming from all of the other activities connected with the letter rather than the tracing and coloring activity. There's nothing wrong with coloring in the letter Aa, but I think you have to know that this is just busy work not a truly academic activity.

  • Letterland? - macdonaldke, Wed Jun 17 20:41
    Have any of you ever heard of Letterland? It's a program with a "character" assigned to each letter that begins with it's phonetic sound (Annie Apple, Bouncing Ben) that teaches spelling and reading. ... more
    • re: letterland - stacy huffman, Thu Jun 18 23:00
      My school uses Letterland. I have seen it work great with some students, while other students just perseverate on the characters. One thing that seems a bit confusing for me (and I am neuro-typical... more
    • where does the learning happen? - catheyt, Thu Jun 18 14:02
      • re: more of a phonics exercise - macdonaldke, Thu Jun 18 17:32
        I think you are right in that Letterland was developed mostly to build phonemic awareness and sound-letter recognition rather than using the letters to write. Thanks for the insight!
    • Re: Letterland - Angie Helton, Thu Jun 18 08:04
      I'm in Caldwell County and our district uses letterland. The students do seem to remember the characters and the shape of the letters with this program. I think it is more of an introduction to... more
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