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Re: True but..
Thu Jun 18, 2015 14:08

I agree with you Kelsie. As a teacher you are going to have your kids doing activities that are essentially time fillers (busy work). You just have to be aware of these as you do them. You should not think that doing a word search every Thursday is teaching spelling. Its not! Its just busy work. Is it engaging for students? Maybe. Do they like it? Maybe. Our teaching time is limited and we need to make sure we use our time wisely and get the most impact with the choices we make. But this is the same for writing your spelling words 5 times, etc. This does not teach spelling nor writing.

  • Re: True but.. - Kelsie Fender, Thu Jun 18 09:32
    I think that there is a time and place for something like a word search or fill-in-the-blank activity. I reviewed the lecture before typing this response, and it states that there are some common... more
    • Re: True but.. - catheyt, Thu Jun 18 14:08
      • As a child... - Rachel Caldwell, Fri Jun 19 14:49
        When I was in elementary school, I loved doing word searches and I did not mind writing words over and over because they were simple and fun to do in between activities in class. So like you said, I... more
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