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Megan Rembert
Re: Hello
Wed May 27, 2015 16:04

I think that's great that you know someone our age with ASD so that you can see and learn from him how he learned best in school. We know it is different for everyone but having someone close to you that you've interacted with before as a relative will be an interesting resource.

  • Hello - Sarah Baier, Tue May 26 20:33
    Hello everyone, my name is Sarah and I am a elementary education major student through the Caldwell campus. I haven't actually taught any students yet, but I cannot wait to do so. So needless to say, ... more
    • Re: Hello - Megan Rembert, Wed May 27 16:04
    • Re: Hello - Anonymous, Tue May 26 22:16
      Hey Sarah, I agree that patience is a virtue and something an effective teacher has to be good at.
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