Jordan Seagraves
Glow and Grow for lesson plan
Thu Jun 18, 2015 21:39

Give a Glow: I think your lesson had many great things about it. First off I think it would be fairly easy for a good substitute to be able to read and use. Another great thing I noticed was the modeling you put in your lesson and the last thing I would like to point out would be that you partnered your students. This will be great for student with ASD working on their social skills.

Give a Grow: I think in your anchor you could have explained what a thesis is for the subsitute and also why it is important....if you get lucky and get a good subsitute they will be fine but some might not know themselves.

  • Student Teachers-Module 4 Lesson - rognstadgr, Thu Jun 18 19:04
    Glory Rognstad, Hillary Yarbrough, Amanda Wallace, Megan Rembert
    • Student Teachers Lesson feedback - andersenal, Fri Jun 19 14:23
      Glow: Really well organized lesson! It is easy to follow and gives detail that a sub could understand without issue. The thing I really like about your lesson is that it gives some information on the ... more
    • Re: Student Teachers-Module 4 Lesson - lavertyse, Fri Jun 19 12:38
      Give a glow: I really liked how you set up your lesson plan in an easy to follow way. If a substitute came into your room I feel like it would be easy for them to teach this mini-lesson successfully. ... more
    • Writing Lesson Plan Feedback - Haley Brigman, Thu Jun 18 22:28
      Glow: I enjoyed your lesson plan, there were many positive aspects throughout the entire plan. First off, your lesson plan was very thorough and easy to follow. I also liked that you included... more
    • Glow and Grow for lesson plan - Jordan Seagraves, Thu Jun 18 21:39
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