K. Madison Broome
Thu Jun 18, 2015 21:50

I really loved these strategies too! I think it is a very common problem to have when students say they don't know what to write about. As teachers, we don't want to just give them a topic every time. We want them to THINK. Think about what interests them and what they would have a lot to write about. The photo bank is great and seems really practical! We should not let a student not having an idea stop them from writing. There are other things that are way harder than that!

  • generating ideas - catheyt, Thu Jun 18 11:01
    One of the things that really stuck with me this week was the part of the lecture focused on generating ideas. Throughout the readings, videos and lectures there was a recurring element on the... more
    • Re: Generating Ideas - hildebranak, Sat Jun 20 21:29
      I agree with this. So many times I have struggled with an idea of what to write about. If the students had a bank of pictures in which to look for ideas that could reduce frustration. I think... more
    • Generating Ideas Response - carsleymm, Sat Jun 20 12:19
      I like the ideas in your post! Your Kindergarteners are going to enjoy learning with you next year! This week's module had so many wonderful strategies that I can't wait to use with my high school... more
    • reply to generating ideas - Hunter Hastings, Thu Jun 18 22:15
      This part of the module stuck out to me as well. I have seen students with disabilities including Autism struggle with generating ideas, and I believe all these techniques listed are super... more
    • Reply - K. Madison Broome, Thu Jun 18 21:50
    • Choices - Jean Milton, Thu Jun 18 21:29
      I observed a teacher not too long ago who always provided writing prompts when she needed her students to write. She would always give a minimum of 3 choices and if the students didn't like the three ... more
      • time in planning - catheyt, Sat Jun 20 10:24
        I remember a training I wen tot years ago on writer's workshop and the writing process. The trainer talked a lot about time went in each area of the writing process. It was her belief that the... more
    • Re: generating ideas - hillaryyarbrough, Thu Jun 18 14:28
      I really like this idea of generating ideas. So many times my students have trouble coming up with things to write about, and will waste most of their time trying to figure it out. By giving the... more
    • great extension - koppenhaverd, Thu Jun 18 12:58
      Love that you took an idea and made it your own. Send me some photos when you implement the photo timeline. I'd love to share with other teachers.
    • RE: Generating ideas - Jordan Seagraves, Thu Jun 18 12:24
      I love this strategy! When you allow students to have a choice it is still good to provide ideas for them to start off with. You can provide ideas in multiple ways from throwing ideas out as a class, ... more
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