Jean Milton
I Heard....
Thu Jun 18, 2015 22:00

When I was doing an assignment that required a records review I noticed that one of the students had large print and read aloud on all of their testing. I put that in the back of my mind until I sat in on a meeting between two teachers who were trying to determine whether or not the student needed these things on the SAT. The conclusion they reached was that these two things were not necessary for the student to take the SAT because there would be one question per page, which would be a huge packet, and that they did not want to read every question aloud in the test. The student had no say so in this conversation and I the student was not aware of all of the modifications available to them for testing or otherwise. Sometimes the student was allowed to take some tests in a separate setting with a small group, but because it wasn't offered all the time I don't think the student realized that it was an option on every assessment. I agree that every student with an IEP that stipulates modifications for them in certain circumstances, by law, the student is to be informed of them and given the right to accept or decline in every situation.

  • McKenzie Reply-Modifications - Rebecca McVey, Wed Jun 17 22:56
    McKenzie, to my knowledge, students by law MUST receive any modifications listed in their IEP. This applies for tests as informal as unit tests in then classroom to as formal as an EOG or another... more
    • I Heard.... - Jean Milton, Thu Jun 18 22:00
    • Re - McKenzi Davis, Thu Jun 18 09:48
      I have never seen or been aware of any modifications that were made for any students on test days so I cannot address your question. But, what a shame for students to have modifications and not... more
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