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Stacy Huffman
Writing Don'ts
Thu Jun 18, 2015 22:15

Wow! My head is still spinning after this weeks information! I had never really thought about why the things I was doing weren't working! Having students copy, trace, writing prompts- the list goes on. How can our students ever learn to write effectively if we are placing boundaries on what they write. I think about my students who are non-verbal who I have worked so diligently with on augmentative forms of communicating. I have a student who we have been teaching to use a computer. He does a great job typing anything we ask him to type, but has yet to type anything independently. This week has been profound for me and now I know things I can do differently to support this student in learning to communicate through writing. I feel so guilty for all of the times I have had my students trace in an effort to learn to write. In my defense, it is what I was taught to do, but no more! I feel empowered after this weeks instruction and can't wait to hit the ground running in the fall! I am sure all of the other teachers in my school (I am in a separate school) are going to wonder what in the world is going on in my classroom!

    • oops - stacy huffman, Thu Jun 18 22:16
      I got so excited that I posted in the wrong place. My apologies!
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