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Rebecca McVey
Reply to Kelsey T.
Wed May 27, 2015 16:41

Hey Kelsey! I am also on the adapted curriculum. I am really looking forward to getting some information on what instruction would work best for our individuals who are on the lower functioning side of the spectrum. Everything I have heard about adapted reading instruction has been to make learning very sensory filled, but this doesn't always work in a sensory friendly classroom. I look forward to collaborating with you!

  • Kelsey Triplett - triplettke, Wed May 27 16:03
    Hi! I am a senior majoring in special education in the adapted curriculum. I chose to take this course in order to better understand reading instruction for individuals with autism spectrum disorder. ... more
    • reply - rognstadgr, Fri May 29 12:56
      Seems like your experience will bring a lot to this course. I look forward to learning from you this semester!
    • Reply to: Kelsey Triplett - Angie Helton, Thu May 28 09:12
      Hi Kelsey, In the articles this week it talks about how students with ASD would see the word 'dove' in a sentence and if they know that a 'dove' is a white bird, when they seen the word 'dove' in a... more
    • response to Kelsey - Navila Castro, Wed May 27 19:46
      Hi Kelsey! hope to hear more from your experiences. Are you wanting to learn about helping children with ASD in elementary school?
    • Reply to Kelsey T. - Rebecca McVey, Wed May 27 16:41
    • Re: Kelsey Triplett - Nicole Cornacchio, Wed May 27 16:11
      Hello Kelsey, I have no experience working with students who have ASD and I notice you have some experience. I am finishing up my Masters in Reading Education. Do you have a group yet? If not would... more
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