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Cynthia Trickel
Thu Jun 18, 2015 22:24

Jean, I have the answers to your questions because I think with assistive technology there is a lot of trial and error. Of course having a specialist or a trained AT person come in to do an evaluation minimizes the errors. I would say having someone from your local AT team as a resource is a good thing to have. DPI offered training a few years ago for AT teams, I was part of that training, I learned a lot about assessments and trying to use the information to make plans for the student's. But on the tough cases I always refer to the NCATP center for assistance. You may want to check out their website:

  • Questions Galore! - Jean Milton, Thu Jun 18 21:19
    I had many questions after watching the videos and reading the articles. After watching Rakeem I had a lot of questions. What was he doing? I saw what appeared to be a rough draft/spider web chart to ... more
    • Re: Questions Galore! - Karley Ingold, Sat Jun 20 16:52
      After watching both of the videos with Rakeem and Joey I think that the assistive technology that Joey used was much more beneficial than the technology that Rakeem was using. The reading of dialog... more
    • Re: Questions Galore! - brownrf, Fri Jun 19 23:42
      I had the exact same reaction to the video of Rakeem. I was so curious about what he was doing with the drawing and also typing. It was very different from the other videos and programs that the... more
    • Reply to Jean - Hunter Hastings, Fri Jun 19 08:16
      I think that most of the time a student wouldn't be given any assistive tech to help communicate. If they can communicate verbally I don't exactly see the point. Also if a school cannot find a... more
      • PECS - Jean Milton, Sun Jun 21 17:48
        I have seen some SLPs use assistive technology if a child's verbal skills/communication skills aren't improving fast enough. I have seen them implement something such as the GoTalkNow board or PECS... more
    • Reply to Jean - Technology - Haley Brigman, Thu Jun 18 23:50
      Jean, I also questioned the use of technology. One of the readings highly encouraged the use of technology for students with ASD. While I am not opposed to technology, I am skeptical about students... more
    • NCATP - Cynthia Trickel, Thu Jun 18 22:24
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